The Fifth Edition

For four years Celebrities in Venice has been the most expected and talked about party of the Venetian carnival.
It started in 2017 in the former Church of Santa Marta and has always been “sold out” thanks to it’s original and exclusive format.
It is a private event in which each guest dress up as a celebrity, playing the role throughout the night with no chance of finding a double.
After skipping two years for the pandemic we are back for the fifth edition. The date for this edition is February 11th, see the list of celebrities still available: HERE

The Party

An incredible night of music and selected DJ sets to set the dance floor on fire. The best costume awards, two bars, a photo booth and an atmosphere that can be achieved only by the uniqueness of the event, at an old Abbey (former church now deconsecrated) and with the peculiar attention to the details and the set-up.

The Red Carpet

Once the celebrity has been chosen the ‘star’ will arrive at the location with an exclusive invitation and like every other respectful Gran Gala will walk the red carpet, pose for the photographers and wave to the crowd.
The red carpet is a very important moment of the event, and takes place in the beautiful Campo De l’Abbazia just in front of the entrance to the party. This year’s host of the night, presenting and entertaining the red carpet, will be Nicolò Torielli “Iena” of the famous Italian tv programme.

IThe social engage

The results on social media is obviously exhilarating, starting with the posts announcing the participation of the star, the live broadcasting of the event, the host’s commentary and of course the great photo shoots taken on the red carpet, with the party and sponsors logos in the background.
We had many reposts by the “real” celebrities who enjoyed seeing their doubles, just like Chiara Ferragni (see photo). You can follow our hashtag used by all the guests on their numerous posts and Instagram stories.

The Location

Celebrities in Venice always takes place in locations of the historical centre of Venice, the true heart of the Venice Carnival. This year the chosen location is Chiesetta dell’Abbazia della Misericordia only a 15 minute walk from Piazzale Roma and a few steps from Fondamenta della Misericordia, center of the city’s nightlife with lots of typical “bacari”.
The open air square “Campo dell’Abazia” is the perfect location for our red carpet event, the main hall of the church funded in the year 939 with its five spectacular altars fits in perfectly with the epic atmosphere of the event.

Chapel Club

The small chapel at the entrance to the main church is called “Chapel Club”and is normally used as a premium bar; it offers a welcoming atmosphere with its spectacular square floor and a large altar which oversees the lounge, a space where you can have a nice cocktail and enjoy a break between dances of the central area.

The organization

A format created by Dj Spiller and Ridu of Crocodiles in Venice and the team of DoNotFriday Venezia, together they take care of every aspect of the party: organization, logistics, artistic direction, guest list and location.
A collaboration already established in time between the two parties: Crocodiles in Venice for years has been organizing parties in the most picturesque locations of the lagoon and DoNotFriday is a point of reference for the night life of young people from the metropolitan area.