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Don’t search for your lookalike.

The interpretation of a celebrity that you think has aesthetic features similar to yours will more often end in failure.
It’s a carnival party, dress up and be someone else for one night, try not to worry about gender or body size, it will certainly be all the more fun.


Details make the difference.

The most beautiful interpretations are almost always tied to an accessory or a small detail that makes the celebrity unmistakable.


Find partners.

Ben Stiller on his own can be very difficult to spot, but if he comes along with his buddy Owen Wilson they will be recognized for sure. Just like Gabbana, he is nothing without his Dolce.


Dig in your wardrobe.

You will be amazed at how many things you have at home that you have forgotten about, and if that is not enough, go to your parents, friends or relatives house and dig in their wardrobe too.

If you still haven’t found what you were looking for and you are not very good with DIY, we recommend some costumes atelier that deal with both the rental and custom requests:

Nicolao Atelier
+39 041 5207051

Antonia Sautter
+39 041 2413802

Arrigo Costumi (also available in Milan)
+39 347 0053231


For wigs:

Boutique della Parrucca (Mestre)
+39 041 940419


+39 340 7921962



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